Al Di Meola Al Di Meola - Live at Montreux 1986/1993

Di Meola can be a heroic guitar wanker, and in the 1986 solo sequence of tunes this persona is in full cry. Bombastic arpeggios and blistering scale runs signify little except that the guy practises a whole bunch. There are endless eighth notes with nary a declarative melodic line or structural contour to be heard, which makes the 1993 set with guitarist Chris Carrington and drummer/vocalist Arto Tunchboyaciayan a welcome change of pace. Astor Piazolla's music in "Tango Suite" has clarity and emotional resonance, something generally absent from stone-faced Al's own music. And for technique freaks, there's a colonoscopy-close view of the man's ultra-precise chops. (Eagle Eye)