Architects "Gravedigger" (video)

Architects 'Gravedigger' (video)
Architects' Lost Forever // Lost Together was a welcome return for the British metalcore group. It leads off with "Gravedigger" and its infectiously catchy chorus is what set a ridiculously high standard for the remainder of the disc, which they met. Now, Architects have unveiled a video for the opener.

It's your standard live performance clip, with a slight twist: the song is actually supplemented by audio of the crowd singing along, "You are the reason we are bitter and then some." It serves as a nice little bonus for watching the video and really brings the live show to life.

For a lesser band, a live clip could be a misstep, encouraging the minimizing of the window to allow other activities. However, given Architects' track record for great performances, it really works as a visually enticing accompaniment.

Check out the video below, then hear its place in relation to the album as a whole here.

Lost Forever // Lost Together is out now on New Damage Records.