Burn Cleanse

A full decade after releasing their blistering debut EP, one of the most promising NYC groove-core bands of their day returns with another short but sweet blast of piss and vinegar. Back for the return engagement are drummer Alan Cage (who went on to bash the skins for Quicksand and Seaweed), vocalist Chaka Malik (whose post-Burn career with Orange 9mm is well documented) and guitarist Gavin Van Vlack (who achieved less success in the little known bands Pry and Die 116). Joining them this time out are former 108/Inside Out guitarist Vic DiCara and Glassjaw bassist Manny Carrero. And although it has been ten years since Burn last recorded anything, you'd never know it. Their passion and hardcore spirit abounds on this six-song EP, which is more wrenching and disturbed than every radio-friendly nu metal band put together while giving off a paradoxical positive message. Perhaps this time they can stick it out long enough to record a full-length disc. If the vibe on this EP is any indication, that is entirely possible. (Equal Vision)