Daedalus Busy With New Projects

Daedalus Busy With New Projects
L.A. electronic mastermind Daedalus has announced that he's following up his excellent 2008 record, Love To Make Music To, with a new EP on a brand new record label.

Known as Friends of Friends, the record label uses a unique release model, one where they ask an artist to choose another artist, as well as a graphic designer. The artists then release a split EP, with the designer creating art for a T-shirt. Then you just buy the tee and you'll receive the EP on digital download, complete with remixes. In this case, Daedalus enlisted L.A. duo Jogger and graphic design team Kozyndan. While little is known about Jogger, their song "Litre o' Cola" suggests they're big Super Troupers fans.

The bonus material in the package includes remixes from Eliot Lipp, Michna, Thunderheist and many others. The release is available now from Friends of Friends.

Besides the split EP, Daedalus has also been very active with the Long Lost, the new duo he shares with his wife. The team have just released their debut self-titled album following a pair of singles on their Ninja Tune home. You can stream songs from their sombre electro-acoustic album here.

FoF Volume 1 tracklisting:

1. Daedelus - "C'est Super"
2. Daedelus - "LA Nocturn"
3. Daedelus - "Off to the Races"
4. Jogger - "Nice Tights"
5. Jogger - "Litre o' Cola"
6. Jogger - "Nephicide"


Daedelus - "C'est Super (Michna Remix)"
Daedelus - "LA Nocturn (Eliot Lipp Remix)"
Daedelus - "Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest Remix Feat. Cuzzo)"
Jogger - "Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)"
Jogger - "Nice Tights (Mexicans with Guns Remix)"
Jogger - "Nice Tights (Grahm of Thunderheist Remix)"
Jogger - "Nice Tights (Keenhouse Remix)"

The Long Lost tracklisting:

1 "The Art Of Kissing"
2 "Amiss"
3 "Sibilance"
4 "Overmuch"
5 "Past Perfect"
6 "Ballroom Dance Club"
7 "Siren Song"
8 "Colour"
9 "Regrets Only"
10 "Cat Fancy"
11 "Wobegone"
12 "Finders Keepers"
13 "Domestics"
14 "Awash"