Dave Mustaine Remembers Scott Weiland, Shares Megadeth Video

Dave Mustaine Remembers Scott Weiland, Shares Megadeth Video
Next month, Megadeth will kick off the year with the arrival of a new album called Dystopia. We've already heard album opened "The Threat Is Real," and today the band has unveiled an animated music video for that track.

The animated video works well with the album's Dystopian theme as it shows an imprisoned Dave Mustaine lamenting the police state in which he lives. Watch the video below.

In addition to dropping a new music video, Mustaine recently remembered his friend and former tourmate Scott Weiland in a new interview with Loudwire.

In the interview, Mustaine recalls touring with Stone Temple Pilots early on and helping Weiland piece together the band's set list.

He also remembers warning Weiland about the perils of a hard-partying lifestyle:

The thing that I regret was at the end of the tour, I told him, I said, 'Look, Scott, you're gonna be huge. You're gonna have money, you're gonna have drugs, you're gonna have pussy, and it's gonna be everywhere.' And I said, 'If you do anything, stay away from heroin.' And I probably should have said, 'Do as much as you can,' because he did the exact opposite.

Mustaine also suggested that Weiland left rehab and went on tour too quickly. "No song, no performance, no amount of money is worth a human life. And I think that the music industry suffered a tragic loss. But as much as the onus is on Scott for doing it, there are other people that are responsible for that."

Dystopia arrives on January 22 via Universal Music. Megadeth have announced a massive tour to coincide with the album. According to Lambgoat, the band will be joined by Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler for this trek. Adler also manned the skins for Dystopia.