​Hanson Say Justin Bieber's Music Is "Chlamydia of the Ear"

​Hanson Say Justin Bieber's Music Is 'Chlamydia of the Ear'
The trio responsible for "Mmmbop" have deemed Justin Bieber's music "chlamydia of the ear."
Yes, Hanson have called out this generation's teen pop heartthrob in a new interview.
During a segment with Australian radio station Hit107FM [via NME], the brothers were played snippets of popular radio hits and asked to correctly identify the songs. When Justin Bieber's Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee collaboration "Despacito" came up, they didn't know the answer.
Upon being informed of the song's info, one of the brotherly bandmates said, "Can I just say I'm glad I didn't know what that was."
To be fair, there's a good chance Bieber would've got the answer wrong too.
"I prefer not to get any venereal diseases so whenever Justin Bieber gets near me or near my ears… It's just ear infections, they're terrible," the Hanson brother continued.
Really driving the point home, another brother piped up to describe the song as "chlamydia of the ear." He further clarified: "It sucks" — and that's coming from a band whose most recent claims to fame include playing the backing band in Katy Perry's video for "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).".

Hanson are currently in the midst of their "Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary World Tour."

Are Hanson right about the Biebs? Find out for yourself by ordering his latest album, 2015's Purpose, via Umusic.