Jail Won’t Stop Pete Doherty

Jail Won’t Stop Pete Doherty
Babyshambles singer and former Libertines front-man Pete Doherty has been sentenced to 14 weeks jail time for breaching the terms of his probation.

Doherty, who’s been part of several scandals involving drug use, will serve his time in Wormwood Scrubs Prison in London, UK. During this period, he will miss a highly anticipated appearance at Britain’s famous Glastonbury Festival in June.

Babyshambles are set to start production on their new album next week. However, Doherty’s jail time will not be an issue, according to the band’s drummer Adam Ficek, who spoke to Xfm UK recently.

"As soon as I get home next week,” said Ficek, "I’ll be getting together with Mik (Whitnall) and Drew (O’Connell) in a studio, burn off nine of the new demos and send them to Peter so that he can work on them in there.”

According to Ficek, Doherty has the full support of Parlophone, their record label, and the members of the band.

Doherty’s problems are anything but new to his band-mates and the public. Just last year, he plead guilty to possession of crack cocaine, heroine, ketamine and cannabis.

"It can be frustrating but it’s nothing new,” says Ficek. "We all had a choice when we joined the band if we wanted to get involved and we all knew what we were getting into. We know Peter’s strengths and his demons and we deal with them as human beings, as well as musicians.”

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