John Maus Weighs In on Ariel Pink's Misogyny Controversy

John Maus Weighs In on Ariel Pink's Misogyny Controversy
Synth-pop songwriter John Maus is a longtime associate of Ariel Pink, and Maus has now weighed in on all of the controversy surrounding Ariel Pink and some of his contentious statements about women. According to Maus, Pink isn't a misogynist — although he is "a nymphomaniac, a little girl, a dog, etc."

This curious description is part of a lengthy psychoanalysis of Pink that Maus posted on Twitter in the form of an image. Here's Maus' reasoning for why Pink isn't a misogynist:

"To claim that Ariel 'hates women' is false because it neglects a greater and more important truth: what he affirms and defends in everything, precisely, are the innumerable queers that the residues of a sexual economy ordered to the sanctioned identities of 'man' and 'women' only ever violently arrest."

The whole thing only gets more wordy and academic from there, but his ultimate point seems to be that Pink "isn't pleading with the system for 'equal treatment for all,' neither is he likely to observe the protocols of correctness advocated by that system in relation to its sanctioned identities." So it seems that, according to Maus, Pink sees beyond social gender constructs.

It's worth pointing out that Maus has studied philosophy at a post-secondary level, which likely explains his densely worded prose. Read his thoughts below. We're guessing that Pink is on-board with Maus' description of him. Remember that Pink declared himself a "nympho" on his 2012 song "Symphony of the Nymph."

Meanwhile, Maus also tweeted that he hopes to release new music in 2015.

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