Justine Giles "Sparks" (video)

Justine Giles 'Sparks' (video)
Sudbury-born, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Justine Giles released her debut LP Shine last year, and she's keeping the momentum behind it rolling with a brand new video for album cut "Sparks" — and Exclaim! has got your first look at it.
The folk-pop tune is equal parts romantic and melancholic, and those sentiments are perfectly reflected in the accompanying visuals. Footage of Giles wandering in a rain-dampened alleyway and strumming her guitar get spliced with happier clips of young love that show sparks flying both literally and figuratively. The video was shot and edited by Mathieu Séguin.
Shine is available now on iTunes, though Giles is already writing towards her next record. Until that arrives, though, give the video for "Sparks" a watch in the player below.