Lemonheads' First Albums Celebrated with Expanded Reissues

Lemonheads' First Albums Celebrated with Expanded Reissues
We're still not sure when Lemonheads will deliver their Ryan Adams-assisted follow-up to last year's Hotel Sessions, but a handful of reissues covering the earliest bits of the band's catalogue are just around the corner.

A press release confirms that Fire Records will deliver deluxe editions of the band's 1987 debut LP Hate Your Friends, 1988's Creator and 1989's Lick on October 7, with each release arriving on CD and LP (with a download card included). On top of the original run-order of each album, the expanded editions will include "copious bonus tracks and many never-before released rarities and live recordings" that help trace the band's evolution from punk rock to alt-pop.

Hate Your Friends was recorded a couple of years after founders Evan Dando and Ben Deily first began capturing punk-styled songs on a 4-track. The reissue includes 12 previously unreleased live tracks captured at WERS, their contributions to the Crawling from Within compilation, and the extra tracks "Buried Alive" and "Gotta Stop".

Sophomore set Creator still ran with a punk sound and includes a trashy cover of Kiss's "Plaster Caster," among other numbers. The reissue adds a 1988 radio session featuring a "never-before-heard configuration of the band," which includes a run-through of "From Here to Burma" with assistance from Juliana Hatfield. The reworked Creator also includes a previously unreleased cut called "Cease to Exist."

Lick was the last album to feature Deily, and the last before the band made the jump to Atlantic Records. The recording sessions followed a series of lineup changes and were apparently marked with tension within the ranks. The deluxe edition adds more live tracks, an interview from their 1989 European tour, and four cuts from the band's debut EP, Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners.

You'll find all the tracklisting info down below.

Hate Your Friends:

1. I Don't Wanna
2. 394
3. Nothing True
4. Second Chance
5. Sneakyville
6. Amazing Grace
7. Belt
8. Hate Your Friends
9. Don't Tell Yourself It's OK
10. Uhhh
11. Fed Up
12. Rat Velvet
13. Fucked Up
14. Mod Lang (From Crawling From Within compilation)
15. Buried Alive
16. Gotta Stop
17. Sad Girl (From Crawling From Within compilation)
18. Belt (1987, Live on WERS)
19. 394 (1987, Live on WERS)
20. Falling (1987, Live on WERS)
21. Don't Tell Yourself (1987, Live on WERS)
22. Uhhh (1987, Live on WERS)
23. Amazing Grace (1987, Live on WERS)
24. Rat Velvet (1987, Live on WERS)
25. Second Chance (1987, Live on WERS)
26. Sneakyville (1987, Live on WERS)
27. I Like To (1987, Live on WERS)
28. So I Fucked Up (1987, Live on WERS)
29. Sick Of You (1987, Live on WERS)
30. Hate Your Friends (1987, Live on WERS)


1. Burying Ground
2. Sunday
3. Clang Bang Clang
4. Out
5. Your Home Is Where You're Happy
6. Falling
7. Die Right Now
8. Two Weeks In Another Town
9. Plaster Caster
10. Come To The Window
11. Take Her Down
12. Postcard
13. Live Without
14. Sunday (1987, Live on WERS)
15. Cease To Exist (1988, Live on WERS)
16. Burying Ground (1988, Live on WERS)
17. If Only You Were Dead (Early version of Mallo Cup) (1988, Live On WERS)
18. Out (1988, Live on WERS)
19. N.I.B. (1988, Live on WERS)
20. Clang Bang Clang (1988, Live on WERS)
21. Take Her Down (1988, Live on WERS)
22. Falling (1988, Live on WERS)
23. Instrumental (1988, Live on WERS)
24. From Here to Burma (With Juliana Hatfield) (1988, Live on WERS)


1. Mallo Cup
2. Glad I Don't Know
3. 7 Powers
4. A Circle Of One
5. Cazzo Di Ferro
6. Anyway
7. Luka
8. Come Back D.A.
9. I Am A Rabbit
10. Sad Girl
11. Ever
12. Strange
13. Mad
14. Sad Girl (1987, Live on WERS)
15. Nothing True / Glad I Don't Know (1987, Live on WERS)
16. Luka (Live On VPRO 1989)
17. Interview With Lemonheads (Holland 1989)
18. Mallo Cup (Live On VPRO 1989)
19. Glad I Don't Know (Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners version)
20. I Like To (Laughing All the Way to the Cleanersversion)
21. I Am A Rabbit (Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners version)
22. So I Fucked Up (Laughing All the Way to the Cleanersversion)