Misfits Re-recorded "Descending Angel" for Halloween 12-inch

Misfits Re-recorded 'Descending Angel' for Halloween 12-inch
When you're one of the Misfits, every night is "Ghoul's Night Out," but the classic punkers are getting into the Halloween spirit this year by prepping a new 12-inch for a re-recorded version of their '90s-era track "Descending Angel."

The band announced the single on their website, noting that the vinyl release features "two all-new studio recordings." While the original "Descending Angel" appeared on 1999's Famous Monsters, as sung by Michael Graves, the revamped 2013 version was whipped up by the current lineup of Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Eric "Chupacabra" Arce. You'll find the O.G. track down below.

As for the flipside, the Misfits are currently keeping the track details a mystery. You may want to twist those Devillock's into hairy thinking caps for a moment, Fiend Club members, because the band did drop a hint that it's a song they've been tackling live, but have thus far never issued a recorded version.

The cover art, which you can see up above, features an ominous, winged version of the Crimson Ghost and was whipped up Jeff Zornow (Fright Rags, IDW's Godzilla comics). While pre-orders have yet to go up, the band promises the 12-inch will arrive on "highly limited exclusive variant vinyl colorways." More info is expected to land in the near future, including the exact release date.