The Mole Launches Collaborative Series 'Best Buds'

The Mole Launches Collaborative Series 'Best Buds'
Apparently the Mole has made lots of friends since moving from Canada and burrowing into Berlin's underground. The electronic producer known as Colin de la Plante has just launched a series of collaborative releases called Best Buds, and the festivities are set to kick off next week.

First up in the series is Best Buds Vol. 1, which will arrive on November 10 through de la Plante's own label, Maybe Tomorrow Records. Its two tracks feature Hreno and Ernesto Ferreyra, respectively. Like the Mole, both of these contributors used to live in Canada but now make their home in Germany.

The Mole said in a statement, "We're all fans of krautrock here and love how likeminded artists used to come together, pass the pipe and press record — leading to some of the finest records of the 1970s."

Although Best Buds Vol. 1 contains just two songs, the vinyl clocks in at a generous 16 minutes. The the digital version is even more sprawling, coming in at more than 26 minutes. That's the cover artwork above and the tracklist below.

The Mole's last album was 2013's Caregiver.

Thanks to Resident Advisor for the tip.

Best Buds Vol. 1:

A1. Hreno & the Mole - "Things Are Heating Up in the Grizzly Maze"
B1. Ernesto Ferreyra & the Mole - "She Said Paper Bags"