Raffi Shares Protest Ditty in Support of Portland Wall of Moms

In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, the children's singer has written a song about the city's frontline defenders
Raffi Shares Protest Ditty in Support of Portland Wall of Moms
As the protests against police brutality rage on in Portland, OR, Canadian children's singer Raffi has offered his support for the Black Lives Movement by way of a new protest anthem about the city's Wall of Moms.

In a tweet, Raffi called the song "a tribute to the heroic protests vs injustice in Portland and elsewhere: an idea that woke me up 3 am, now recorded."

The song's titular group of mothers — who assembled following violent clashes between protesters and President Donald Trump's Homeland Security contingent — describe themselves as a "PDX-based network of womxn and non-binary mother-identifying folx dedicated to supporting the current civil rights movement to end police brutality by defending and supporting BLM protesters on the front line and online."

Sharing his protest ditty on Saturday (June 25), Raffi expressed a number of sentiments in support of the protesters through hashtags, including #ResistFascism, #ANTIFA and #BlackLivesMatter. As one Twitter user pointed out, "When you're on the same side of history as Raffi, you know you're doing good."

In other news, the "Baby Beluga" and "Bananaphone" singer celebrated his 72nd birthday earlier this month. Happy belated, Raffi!

Back in 2019, the singer shared another anthem in support of Greta Thunberg's climate march.

Listen to the "Portland Moms" clip below.