​Ryan Adams Apologizes for Tweets About His Marriage to Mandy Moore

​Ryan Adams Apologizes for Tweets About His Marriage to Mandy Moore
Ryan Adams had a busy day on Twitter yesterday (October 11), responding to comments his ex-wife Mandy Moore made about their marriage, but he's since backpedalled and apologized for his remarks.
Late last night, Adams tweeted an apology, writing: "I apologize for my remarks. I was trying to be funny. But I have and will always choose to remember the amazing moments."
He added that it wasn't "classy" or "ok" to reduce his relationship with Moore to a painkiller-induced non-memory.
Adams elaborated on his emotional state, thanking fans for their support and revealing that he had sought help from a crisis counsellor for depression, anxiety, panic attacks and grief.
Moore has not responded to the Twitter drama, though it initially stemmed from comments she made in the new issue of Glamour. She claimed that her marriage was "not the smartest decision," and added that she "didn't choose the right person."
Adams, in turn, claimed that their relationship was "doomed from the start" because she didn't like Blade Runner or the Melvins, and even claimed that he was on so many painkillers that he didn't even remember marrying Moore.

"When someone told me we got married I thought they were joking," he tweeted. "Then I realized how many painkillers I was taking. Honestly there weren't enough to numb the shock. Gollygooops."

He also claimed that he'd never written a single song about her.
Adams and Moore were married in 2009 and divorced in 2016. Moore is currently engaged to Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith.