Shigeto Unveils 'No Better Time Than Now' Album

Shigeto Unveils 'No Better Time Than Now' Album
Shigeto had a pivotal year in 2012, which included releasing the album Lineage, touring extensively, turning 30 and ending a long-term relationship. Now, the beatmaker is bouncing back with another album. No Better Time Than Now will be out on August 20 through Ghostly International.

As the title indicates, the album celebrates living in the moment, and it reportedly carries more energetic immediacy than his past work. That said, a press release points out that fans will also find "all the hallmarks of his sound here — the warm, inviting washes of liquid synth sounds, the intricate production, the jazz-influenced arrangements."

The announcements notes that No Better Time Than Now is an optimistic work, and Shigeto said in a statement, "The last year was definitely a significant turning point in my life both musically and personally, but life has its way of working things out in the strangest of ways. I spent most of the year traveling and that gave me a lot of time to think. I got to know myself a lot better and that helped me be more honest with myself... That helped me write more honest music and gave me inspiration and excitement for the future."

Listen to the fractured-sounding electro-jazz cut "Detroit Part 1" over at SoundCloud. The tracklist is below, along with his international schedule.

No Better Time Than Now:

1. First Saturn Return

2. Detroit Part 1

3. Ringleader

4. Perfect Crime

5. Olivia

6. Miss U

7. Ritual Howl

8. Soul Searching

9. Safe in Here

10. No Better Time than Now

11. Silver Lining

12. Tell a Tale

Tour dates:

6/14 London, UK - Electrowerkz

6/15 Notre-Dame-de-Monts, France - West Side Festival

6/19 Tilburg, Netherlands - 013 Incubated

6/20 Bristol, UK - Start the Bus

6/21 Charleroi, Belgium - Vecteur

6/22 Modena, Italy - Node Festival

6/23 Antwerp, Belgium - Kavka

6/26 Lucerne, Switzerland - Treibhaus

6/27 Mulhouse, France - Bêtes de Scènes Festival

6/28 Dresden, Germany - Altes Wettbüro

7/11 Bordeaux, France - Hauts de Garonne Festival

7/12 Linz, Austria - Ottenheim Open Air

7/13 Prague, Czech Republic  - Creepy Teepee Festival

7/17 Nijmegen, Netherlands - Valkhof Festival

7/18 Paris, France - Glazart w/ Come Truise

7/19 Ljubljana, Slovenia - TKNP Open Air Festival

7/21 Zadar, Croatia - Soundwave Festival
7/28 Dufur, OR - WTF Festival

9/25 Seattle, WA - Decibel Festival