Snow Patrol Custom Design Album For iPhone, iPod Touch

Snow Patrol Custom Design Album For iPhone, iPod Touch
Though they're not known for pioneering much, Snow Patrol are set to become the first artist to customize their new album for the iPhone and iPod Touch applications. The Irish-cum-Scots will release their fifth album, A Hundred Million Suns on October 28, filled with extra content for technophiles, including Apple touch-screen access to artwork, lyrics and exclusive photographs the user can download.

"It will be an interactive element - a digital booklet that will take you into the videos and content," said Liz Goodwin, product manager for their label, Polydor. "For fans it will be a real must-have." Well, that depends on whether these fans have enough cash to drop on both an iPod Touch or iPhone, and the album.

A Hundred Million Suns is said to be Snow Patrol's "best record they've made," according to front-man Gary Lightbody, which comes as no surprise. However, the closing song is 16 minutes long and divided into three parts, suggesting they may be trying to shake off the Coldplay-isms that haunt them and, y'know, actually make a record that's too complex to soundtrack a Zach Braff-starring role.

A Hundred Million Suns tracklisting:

1. "If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It"
2. "Crack the Shutters Open"
3. "Take Back the City"
4. "Lifeboats"
5. "The Golden Floor"
6. "Please Just Take These Photos from My Hands"
7. "Set Down Your Glass"
8. "The Planets Bend Between Us"
9. "Engines"
10. "Disaster Button"
11. "The Lightning Strike"
▪ "What If This Storm Ends?"
▪ "Sunlight Through the Flags"
▪ "Daybreak"