The Strokes "Oblivius" (lyric video)

The Strokes 'Oblivius' (lyric video)
Completing the triad, The Strokes have issued a new, neon-hued lyric video for their final Future Present Past single, "Oblivius."

The video follows previous clips for "Drag Queen" and "Threat of Joy." This time around, we're treated to an assemblage of odd, CGI-style graphics. Included are mini scenes of a smiley face's bouncy journey through a cyber-grid, an ominous hand beckoning a little dude to come its way, a lightning-loaded staring contest, and a digi-bird's seemingly never-ending flight.

These sights and more are scored by the track's snaking guitar lines and Julian Casablancas' Karloff-esque, creeper croon. You can see the results below.