Various System House Anthems No. 1

House music is not rocket science, but yet how often is it that one finds a solid, nearly 100% quality mix CD like this one? Starting with the classy vocal track "Afterglow” by J-Punch Featuring Harland, this gets atmospheric before bringing out the inevitable not still not half bad electro with "Freaks (Keep Rocking)” by Richard Humpty Vision. An utterly puzzling bootleg of "West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys follows, but Dustin’s "Hardtime” thankfully gets things back on track with a hypnotic groove powered by a looped female vocal. This slams awkwardly into the slightly obvious but nonetheless good, super-house-y track "Everyone” by Static Revenger. It’s about a millimetre away from being an S Club 7 theme song, but just pulls it off. Humpty returns again with some house-y goods before Jay Walker’s dirty, minimal filtered house track "Sense” takes over. Bryan Cox’s big-room, big-vocal houser "Music Is Moving” closes things out on a very three a.m. note. Certainly no surprises here, but a quality collection of tunes (for the most part), mixed (for the most part) quite well. Worth a listen. (System)