Donnell Rawlings JFL42, Toronto ON, September 23

Donnell Rawlings JFL42, Toronto ON, September 23
Donnell Rawlings' comedy channelled through his body. When he talked about the kinds of guns that different people buy, he imitated the ways that people shoot with exaggerated recoil and ridiculous spins. When he joked about aging, he stared in to the audience desperately, as if he really was vainly analyzing his face in the mirror. Most memorably, he impersonated the moody verses and dramatic choruses of rock music with widened eyes and a shockingly strong singing voice. Rawlings' delivery was vivid, physical, and intense.
The comedian, known for his work on Chappelle's Show, was hilarious in his bit about all the weird foods that white health freaks like to eat, his impersonation of gay guys having a battle to see who could say "YASSSSSS" the best, and his joke where recontextualized "gluten free" and "lactose free" as two criminals that got out of prison.
Additionally, his jokes about Cardi B and his reference to Childish Gambino's "This Is America" thrilled the audience, as we instantly connected to the common ground of pop culture.
However, not everything in this show was great across the board. Rawlings' racial jokes at the top of the show about Asian and Indian people were stereotypical low hanging fruit.

Additionally, opener Ana-Marija Stojic's humour was sometimes more adorable than it was laugh-out-loud funny. Having said that, Stojic's imitation of the lead singer of Blink-182 and her bit about impersonating an obnoxiously posh British boy during sex were both wonderful highlights.