Kids in the Hall Are Working on Something

It could be a tour or a TV project — they don't even know
Kids in the Hall Are Working on Something
Photo: David Hawe
Last year, we caught wind that Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the Hall were possibly working on new TV episodes with Lorne Michaels. While it's still unclear if that's happening, the crew have confirmed that they're working on, well, something.

Members of the group recently completed an interview with the Canadian Press to promote The Kids in the Hall: One Dumb Guy, a new biography written by Paul Myers (brother of Mike Myers). While the book explores the group's history, the interview had plenty of tidbits about the future.

"We always talk about it and I think the gravity is created enough now that we'll be doing something," Bruce McCulloch said of the group's future.

The Kids hinted that they could be plotting a tour or a TV project. "Something is coming, definitely," Scott Thompson added.

As for why they've been semi-dormant for so long, McCulloch chalks it up to disorganization. "There's no bad will between us. We're just disorganized. It's just really that," he said. "There was a hilarious email thread going around for a couple of years. Two years of like, 'When are we going to have a conference call?"'

Thompson added, "It would be so much fun to get into trouble with these guys. Because the world is so different now. To play women today would be really fun."

The Kids in the Hall: One Dumb Guy is available now.