Moshe Kasher All Access Live Club Soda, Montreal QC, July 27

Moshe Kasher All Access Live Club Soda, Montreal QC, July 27
TV show tapings — in this case for Just For Laughs' TV series All Access Live — contain different challenges from a normal standup show. Flow can sputter when cameras need a reset or an introduction needs to be redone; audience members can be nervous or hesitant to respond naturally when their reactions might be captured and broadcast. But the biggest impact on this Moshe Kasher-hosted taping was the presence of a 12-year-old boy.
"They told me there was a child in the front row but holy shit!" Kasher declared as the show began. "I'm about to talk about cum for ten minutes!" Kasher handled it like a consummate pro, bantering with "Nicky" ("of course that's your name") and his mother, who bore the brunt of jokes from various comics that ranged from praising her laidback cool to accusing her of bad parenting.
Kasher did indeed talk about cum quite a bit, including some vigorous act-outs, before introducing a cavalcade of comedians. After Eddie Della Siepe did some jokes about being short and the shame of hemming pants, Vancouver comic Sophie Buddle discussed repeated crow attacks that have befallen her in that city. She awkwardly acknowledged Nicky before sharing her invention for how to give public blowjobs to her boyfriend in secret, which stemmed from a pot cookie adventure to the movies with her straightedge boyfriend.
Thirty-something Irish comic Seann Walsh worked his jokes to a peer group that enjoyed his revelations that he can now see crumbs that were invisible to him as a younger man, then nailed a chunk about Limewire and video stores that worked well for his target demo but might age as well as MySpace references.
Eugene Mirman brought an easel and props in the form of laminated homemade signs that he puts in random bathrooms to mess with customers, and chided the town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire for their incomprehensible parking policies after getting a ticket for "parking in the wrong direction."
Guy Branum, who revealed a remarkable knowledge of Canadian history the night before at Andy Kindler's late night "Alternative Show," went in the other direction this time, declaring that Canada does not in fact exist and is merely some American fan fiction.
Julia Hladkowicz fantasized about the revenge she'd like to get at her old Starbucks job before Manchester comic Joe Lycett killed with a surreal set about renting office space and then messing with everyone else in the building, involving a lost cat (that's actually a fox) and a fictional private investigator (seeking the cat) who's living in said office.
After some TV-related business with a few reshoots, Jimmy Carr came out to read a few jokes from a clipboard, the best of which was praising Montreal as the third best city in the second best country in North America.