Ryan Hamilton JFL42, Toronto ON, September 26

Ryan Hamilton JFL42, Toronto ON, September 26
Ryan Hamilton
Imagine if Jerry Seinfeld grew up in a humble rural Mormon community in Idaho instead of the brash metropolis of New York City. That recipe is pretty much exactly how Ryan Hamilton was made.
He has the same masterful skill for clean observational material as Seinfeld, but he's refreshingly earnest instead of egotistical. Performing at Yuk Yuk's on a stage that he amusingly compared to a gazebo, due to its illuminated paneled backdrop, Hamilton had the club booming with laughs with ease.
In addition to being less egotistical than Seinfeld, Hamilton is also more original than the comedy legend he is constantly compared to. He recontextualized our society's addiction to sugar by talking about it as if it was as publicly distasteful as smoking. He re-enacted his childish interactions with bankers to underline how hilariously clueless he is about managing money. He even compared the flooding of his apartment to an exhibit at the MOMA, complete with a stream of water coming from his fire alarm and surreal buckling walls.
Similarly, Canadian comedian Graham Chittenden took his observational comedy into atypical territory. His joke about wanting people who live in condos to pass snacks to him while he was in traffic on the highway was charming, while his material about taking his dogs to see Santa was wonderfully absurd and his line about why dogs hate Halloween was comedically word-perfect.