Weezer Respond to 'SNL' Sketch with "Ride or Die" Shirt

"Matt Damon aka Todd approved!"
Weezer Respond to 'SNL' Sketch with 'Ride or Die' Shirt
This weekend, Saturday Night Live aired a very funny and extremely niche sketch about a "ride or die" Weezer fan defending the band from someone who (incorrectly) claims they haven't released a good album since Pinkerton. Now, Weezer have responded to that Matt Damon-starring sketch by releasing a "Ride or Die" T-shirt.

The band announced the shirt with a tweet saying, "Can we all just agree that Weezer is the best band of all time?" That's the shirt up above.

Further proving that Weezer have a good sense of humour about the whole thing, the product description reads, "Matt Damon aka Todd approved!" Watch an excerpt of the SNL sketch below. The shirt is available to order here.

We'd also like to point out that there's a middle ground to this whole debate. It's perfectly reasonable to acknowledge that the new Black Album singles are terrible, but also that the White Album is better than Pinkerton.