Are Foo Fighters About to Star in Their Own Horror Film?

A report has emerged claiming Dave Grohl and the band secretly filmed a movie with director BJ McDonnell
Are Foo Fighters About to Star in Their Own Horror Film?
Photo: Danny Clinch
Here at Exclaim! we have an unofficial Rule of Grohl. That means if our pal Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters do something/anything, it's our duty to report it, no matter how small or speculative. So today we come with a report that Foo Fighters are set to hit the big screen to star in their very own horror film.

The very unconfirmed news comes from Bloody Disgusting, which reports Foo Fighters are "starring in a brand new horror-comedy" for Universal Pictures.

Here's how Bloody Disgusting put it:

Filmed in secret during the pandemic, we're told that Hatchet III director BJ McDonnell took the reigns [sic] on the film that allegedly features a bunch of all-star cameos.

However, the publication is quick to point this out:

It should be noted that we have yet to confirm this news, but it comes from a trusted source. We'll update this accordingly as we learn more or gain additional confirmation.

So yes, please take this news with a serious grain of salt. We'll of course report back if any further details arrive, because we do follow the Rule of Grohl, after all.

But in the meantime, we do encourage you to start imagining Grohl and his Foos getting all KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park on us.