John Goodman Is Too Shy to Be Friends with Kristen Wiig, George Clooney and Matt Damon

John Goodman Is Too Shy to Be Friends with Kristen Wiig, George Clooney and Matt Damon
Revered and endlessly lovable comedic actor John Goodman might seem like a big ol' cuddle king, but he too has issues with shyness and insecurity just like anyone else. In a new interview with The Howard Stern Show [via Vulture], the actor opened up about some awkward celebrity encounters.

While attending an SNL party, Goodman was overjoyed at the prospect of introducing himself to Kristen Wiig. Unfortunately, however, he totally flubbed the conversation and has now vowed to never speak to her again.

"I think she's so great, and the social barriers broke down and I interrupted the conversation," he told Howard Stern. "And I would just hate for somebody to do that to me. And she goes, 'Yeah, I'll talk to you in a minute.' I really like her, and it was embarrassing, so I'll never speak to her again."

Speaking of SNL, Goodman explained that he's not too keen on his most recent appearance on the show. "It's the first time I felt I let them down... I ran out of gas," he said.

Lately, it really seems everything for Goodman has been real bad, man. While he admits that he hit it off with Bill Murray on set of The Monuments Men, he had a tough time broing down with Matt Damon and George Clooney. "I tried to hang with them, but Matt and George would always have these conversations and they'd go out for cocktails afterwards and I don't really drink," he said. "I don't bring a lot to that party because they're super A-level guys."

If your heart is breaking for John Goodman right now, you're not alone. Fortunately, he's finally found a friend in Hollywood it-girl Brie Larson, who's starring with him in Kong: Skull Island.

"Every weekend she would organize stuff to do for people," he said. "Because she's over-sensitive about people getting nervous and angry and on each other's nerves. She's incredible."