Alessandro Alessandroni's Italian Library Holy Grail 'Spontaneous' Gets Vinyl Reissue

The 1974 album will get its first-ever re-release via Four Flies
Alessandro Alessandroni's Italian Library Holy Grail 'Spontaneous' Gets Vinyl Reissue
Late, great Italian maestro Alessandro Alessandroni had a career full of high water marks, and one of his finest moments came via Spontaneous. Unfortunately, the 1974 Italian library masterpiece is also one of Alessandroni's most elusive — and pricey — albums, with original copies fetching well over a $1,000 these days. Finally, though, Spontaneous is being treated to its first-ever reissue.

The vinyl re-release will arrive via Italy's Four Flies, which will reissue Spontaneous on July 19. The reissue will arrive on 180-gram black vinyl, housed in a hard tip-on sleeve cover (thankfully) featuring the album's original art. The reissue will be limited to just 500 copies.

For the unfamiliar, Spontaneous arrived as part of the legendary RCA SP 10000 series, and the album finds Alessandroni at the height of his powers, weaving funked-out jazz, beach-appropriate lounge and an incredible sense of sonic experimentation into a truly jaw-dropping piece of work.

Four Flies describes the album like this:

Jazz, mellow-funk, downtempo breaks and incredible rock blends make this record a refined portrait of the '70s American way of life, viewed through the fully Italian lens of Alessandroni's sensitivity.

The magic around
Spontaneous is that this album is not only beautiful and astonishing, but is certainly on of those amazing records to which time gives new life and freshness, making it sounds unbelievably contemporary.

After five years of exhausting research, finally Four Flies can give a light to this obscure and fascinating mystery, rescuing it from the darkness. It's not just another piece of Alessandroni's legacy that is finally put back in the right place. This should be considered as the definitive act to re-estabilsh Alessandroni's leadership into the library music scene, and beyond.

Right now, you can pre-order the album directly via Four Flies. Below, you can also listen to a sampler from Spontaneous that weaves together various highlights from the album.

The reissue of Spontaneous comes shortly after Four Flies' reissue of Stelvio Cipriani's classic and highly sought-after Femina Ridens.