Andrew Stockdale Resurrects Wolfmother Name

Andrew Stockdale Resurrects Wolfmother Name
That didn't take long. Less than three months after Aussie songwriter Andrew Stockdale announced that he was dissolving Wolfmother in order to go solo, he has once again revived the Wolfmother name for a U.S. tour.

As fansite points out, the band's return comes hot on the heels of Stockdale scrapping a number of solo dates. This has led to speculation that Stockdale was unable to sell enough tickets under his own name, and has consequently reverted to the more recognizable band moniker. (For comparison, Wolfmother has over 680,000 "likes" on Facebook as of press time, dwarfing Stockale's 9,480.)

Evidently, Wolfmother's reunion is already proving to be popular, since they've been posting about sold out shows on Facebook.

It's not entirely clear who will feature in this incarnation of Wolfmother. Of course, Stockdale changing the name from Wolfmother to his own was always a bit of a technicality, since the backing musicians were actually the same; the original lineup split in 2008, and Stockdale has since carried on with hired guns. Presumably, the same players will continue to be involved.

See Wolfmother's reunited tour schedule over at Facebook. Stockdale's album Keep Moving was released last month.