B Boys Dudu

B Boys Dudu
For many, simply looking at the tracklist on B Boys' newest release — which includes gems such as "Smoke You," "Taste tor Trash" and the titular "Dudu" — is probably a dead giveaway of what to expect. But for the uninitiated, the trio of Brooklynites sit squarely in the throng of lo-fi goofballs that have emerged from New York in the past decade.
Much like their contemporaries and former tourmates Parquet Courts and Bodega, B Boys' songs are replete with the fuzzed-out riffs, plucky bass lines, and "is that singing or shouting?" vocals that have come to characterize the current wave of post-punk slackerdom.
Dig beneath all the sneering sarcasm and laissez faire projection, however, and you find a band stuck in strict formation with the subject matter of their songs. For much of its runtime, Dudu, the cheekily titled followup to 2017's Dada, operates as a series of short diatribes. "Pressure Inside" explores guilty verdicts born from bias, while "Automation" pits the band's blistering punk stylings against the subject of a world without need for humanity. And that's only two of the 15 tracks that the trio power through, nearly all of which deal with some combination of introspection and social anxiety.
It would be easy enough to blast Dudu at the skate park with a case of beer and your buddies, snickering at the album's name — perhaps that's even the feeling it's designed to elicit. But it would be a disservice to B Boys to ignore the complicated issues their songs dive into, which separates them from so many similar groups today. (Captured Tracks)