Blu Terra Marymont

Blu Terra Marymont
Released on Or:la's recently launched label, which aims to promote emergent producers, Blu Terra's Marymont EP reminds us of when Livity Sound used to be more adventurous just a few years ago. That's not to say that his work is derivative of their sound, but that there's a feeling of confidence and joy in creating genre-ambiguous, dance floor soundscapes that are immediately palpable.
Sitting around the 135 bpm mark, his music conjures up a visceral dream world that radiates the rush of the rave, seamlessly combining tension and release from moment to moment, and where aquatic and celestial sonic flourishes are driven by hefty beats.
The best of this three-track EP, "Person Sans," sweeps in with glacial, reverberated textures that open up this newly explorable expanse, as the pulsating bass line firmly guides us in to show us its spectacle: percussive fills splashing in, and glowing swirls and squiggles that fizzle in a kaleidoscopic fashion. "20,000" instantly brings you under its pressure, with a bubbling bass line leading to ghostly apparitions and an acid crescendo until it suddenly subsides. And "Western/Eastern" wastes no time in creating an energetic feeling of anticipation with and the eerie atmospherics of a waterphone and tense flickers.
Blu Terra, of whom the only information available is that he's "from Warsaw with a couple of aliases already under his belt," lets the music do the talking. Everything here is designed to keep the dancer/listener on their toes, to immerse them in the world it conjures up, but never to completely disorient them. (Céad)