Bully Divan Orange, Montreal QC, September 20

Bully Divan Orange, Montreal QC, September 20
Photo: Steve Louie
Brash, unapologetic and undeniably talented, Bully's Alicia Bognanno is a force to be reckoned with. Taking to the stage armed with a mint green Stratocaster — and a mess of blonde hair covering her face — Bognanno and company launched into their set with abandon, proving that they deserve all the hype that's been surrounding them for the past year or so.
Touring in support of their LP Feels Like, released earlier this year, Bully's music is a high-powered grunge punk thrill ride — Bognanno's piercing, raspy vocals are, apparently, even more impressive when showcased live. Laced with an undeniable sense of vulnerability, Bully transitioned from one song to the next with ease, the crowd seemingly silenced under the weight of the music.
Playful and self-deprecating, Bully demonstrated that she could be both extremely approachable and badass in equal measure, deflating any notion that budding rock stars are supposed to be self-preserved assholes. Finishing their set with characteristically loud, floor-shaking fervour, it was clear that the Nashville foursome are destined for big, big things.