Cryptopsy "Detritus" (video)

Cryptopsy 'Detritus' (video)
"I warn you, what you are about to hear is very disturbing" — the follow vintage PSA affixed to the front of Cryptopsy's music video for their forthcoming The Book of Suffering Tome 1's "Detritus" is a fitting one, as the Canadian metal legends are truly tearing us a new one with this first tech-style crusher.

On the surface, the video is pretty straight-forward and finds the quartet performing the track from some subterranean lair. Peel back a few layers on the composition, though, and you'll find that it's got plenty of quick meter shifts, a right deadly mix of mosh grooves and twitchy blasts, violent and chunky riff-slinging, and angered, gurgling vocals.

Nauseous and nasty, you'll find the new track down below.

The Book of Suffering Tome 1 is set to be self-released October 30. Pre-orders can be made here.