Daggermouth Turf Wars

Daggermouth are like Comeback Kid’s little brother. They sound poppier and slightly less refined than their label mates, but that’s not to say they don’t have a lot of kick. Vocalist Nick Leadlay has an almost NYHC-style vocal inflection throughout most of the 11 tracks, which makes even the poppy guitar melodies sound tough. Throw in a healthy dose of CBK-style gang chants and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a good record. Comeback Kid comparisons aside, Daggermouth wouldn’t seem out of place on any mid-’90s punk compilation, often possessing a striking resemblance to bands like Pulley or Ten Foot Pole. The lyrics run the gamut between slightly stupid ("Hey Nelson, Go Jump On The Garbage”) to personal and moving ("Too Late, No Friends” and "You Do This As A Fad, We Do This As A Lifestyle”), which makes the record fun without falling into the over-the-top goofy/tough guy side of things. Overall, this is a good listen that’s worth checking out. (Smallman)