Dana Sipos Heads to 'The Astral Plane' with New Album

Hear the first single "Light Around the Body"
Dana Sipos Heads to 'The Astral Plane' with New Album
Canadian songwriter Dana Sipos is back with a new album. It's called The Astral Plane and set to touch down on June 25 via Roaring Girl Records. Right now, though, you can get a preview via the newly shared "Light Around the Body," which has arrived alongside a video.

The Astral Plane was produced by Sandro Perri and said to explore " the deep imprints of memory, how they form and take hold over lifetimes, the many faces of loss and how inherited trauma parallels the ecological crises and collective grief of our time," according to a press release.

You can check out the first single "Light Around the Body" down below.

Sipos describes it as "a cacophony of reflections after a three-month solo tour to Australia and New Zealand in the winter of 2019. It's infused with the vibrancy and sensory overload of being in such a far out place where some things were literally upside down.

"But it also touches on some painful elements — I was in Christchurch when the bombings occurred in the mosque, which of course was greatly mourned by all of New Zealand and the world. The aftermath of the 2010 earthquake was still very palpable and evident there. So 'Light Around the Body' is primarily about infusing oneself with the strange and beautiful and sometimes painful and strives to make sense of the senseless."

The Astral Plane:

1. Light In Moon On
2. Swallow's Call
3. A Crude Likeness
4. Light Around The Body
5. Skinny Legs
6. Daniel
7. Greenbelt
8. Hoodoo
9. Breathing Barrel

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