Daphni Sizzling

Daphni Sizzling
Musician and doctor of mathematics Dan Snaith (aka Caribou) has seemingly always been able to shift personas and projects, without losing the core elements of his sonic identity built up over the years.
His most dance-floor-centric output as Daphni is an offshoot of his time DJing on the road when touring with Caribou, or out on his own solo tours. Stripped down to raw dance floor fuel, cuts like his rework of "Sizzling Hot" by obscure '80s Bermudian band Paradise isn't a flashback, but a punched-up DJ edit Snaith has handcrafted for those peak dance floor moments.
Snappy kicks, understated disco flourishes, ebullient horns and soaring vocal hits by June Ventzos' take the overlooked group's track from a forgotten passive disco beat into a dance floor weapon designed for devastation. As good as the reissue of this may have sounded, Daphni's clubby updated take, "Sizzing," is going to be hard to escape this summer at festivals and on crowded dance floors everywhere.
"If" takes a more jackin' approach, riding a looped piano and rock-hard kick drums to full effect, whereas "Romeo" takes a more maximalist disco-flavoured approach. Not the type of passive '70s disco that is called revivalist today, but more of a heady version, with incessant synths underwriting the whole bottom end, and Snaith stretching out the rollicking, almost tribal-esque percussion, chopped-up vocal samples and shiny synth stabs to full effect. (Independent)