David Candy Powerplay

David Candy is part Austin Powers and part Jim Morrison. Truly, men want to be him and women want to be with him, but the jury's still out on what exactly he wants to do with his mother. A fabulous nobody well versed in all things pertaining to '60s groove, Candy is the alter ego of Ian Svenonious, of Make-Up and Nation of Ulysses fame. For Powerplay, he conjures up a sound that is psychedelic freak-out as filtered through the safety valve of Harper's Bazaar. The vibe channels cover tunes from classic era films, Performance and Rosemary's Baby, and adds in some Candy originals. It doesn't get any better than "Play Power - David Candy Theme." The rest of the album loses that sense of fun and of parody. When Candy starts challenging Jim Morrison's ghost and spewing strange poetry, one is never quite sure where the joke starts or ends. (Jetset)