Dead Ghosts "Summer with Phil" (video)

Dead Ghosts 'Summer with Phil' (video)
When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And, judging by Vancouver garage rockers Dead Ghosts' new video for Can't Get No cut "Summer with Phil," when life thrusts a giant, power-possessing worm out of your abdomen, you clearly become best buds and take it on a road trip.

We're going ahead and jumping to the conclusion that the "Phil" in question is a ratty moustached Dead Ghost fan's slimy, shades-sporting slitherer, whom he lovingly tucks into his jacket on motorcycle rides to local bars and swimming spots. Along their travels, we learn that Phil sucks back just as many ciggys as his human host and can let loose a copper blue aura that will either have you boogieing or barfing up blood.

You can watch the interspecies buddy trip down below.