Dear Rouge on Exclaim! TV Sweet 16s

Dear Rouge on Exclaim! TV Sweet 16s
After a long history of separate musical ventures, Drew and Danielle McTaggart's paths finally crossed, sparking the beginning of explosive pop rock husband-and-wife duo Dear Rouge. Following their 2012 Heads Up! Watch Out! EP and the ensuing Kids Wanna Know, the Vancouver-based artists dropped the hugely successful LP Black to Gold. The duo are about to kick off an international tour that runs well into December, but before they trek out in those winter months, we're reflecting on their midsummer performance for Exclaim! TV.

We met up with Dear Rouge at the WayHome Music and Arts Festival back in July for a special Exclaim! TV Sweet 16s segment (filmed in collaboration with Reign Media), in which we ask artists to deliver their 16 best bars. The duo delivered the opening lines of "I Heard I Had," which earned them the SOCAN Songwriting Prize earlier this year. However, before Dear Rouge performed a stripped-down rendition of their award-winning hit, they spoke to our host King Reign about their early musical careers, artists that they admire and their personal writing process. Watch the episode in the player below.

Hosted by King Reign
Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon and Peter Howie
Audio by Kyle Laurin
Edited by Katherine Kwan