Demora MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 25

Demora MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 25
Photo: Ashutosh Gupta for MUTEK
Demora is a Montreal-based techno two-piece, and they hosted their world premiere performance at Metropolis as part of Red Bull Music Academy's Nocturne 4: Widescreen Macheen Dreems for MUTEK last night (August 25).

Distinguished by the malleable properties of their performative sound, the two individual artists (otherwise known as Leticia Trandafir and Devon Hansen) synchronized a live, analog performance filled with driving rhythms and unique textures that produced big-room sound that commanded attention.
At the forefront of the underground electronic community, Trafandir (who also performs as softcoresoft) and Hansen (who performs as Stefan Jos) drew loosely on club styles while asserting their unique breed of pacing, rhythm and melody. With an ear for detailing sonic environments, the duo jump-started the throbbing pulse of the evening, elevating the evening with precision and sophistication.
Aquatic morsels and acidic blips were met with massive walls of bass-heavy sound. Incorporating house and electro flourishes, the robust techno framework of their set grabbed attention with voracity. The opening act set an impressively high bar for the acts that followed, foreshadowing Nocturne 4 as tightest programming MUTEK's offered thus far.