Dense and Pika Hands Up

Dense and Pika Hands Up
Originally from the UK, Chris Spero and Alex Jones (aka Dense and Pika) are techno veterans at this point. For 20 years, they have rarely strayed far from the energy of the music that inspired them in the '90s, notably the intense acid techno of the Liberator Crew, and the minimalist, stomping techno from the likes of Surgeon and Dean Cole.
They continue on this path with their two-track single, Hands Up, the 40th release for their own Kneaded Pains label, itself a platform for tried-and-true, dance-floor-ready music played in their DJ sets.
The "Hands Up (Acid Mix)" is the one that shines here. With a backdrop of their signature heavy kicks laying down a steady beat, the track goes immediately into an acid riff, before taking a psychedelic turn with its manipulated and deformed vocal samples. The "Hands Up (Original Mix)," while good, doesn't have the flair and character that its counterpart brings.
In today's over-saturated market of conventional, four-on-the-floor techno, it can be daunting to skim through myriad releases to get to the good stuff. Fortunately, Hands Up proves once again that, when it comes to straightforward, no-nonsense techno with the sole intention of making clubbers break a sweat, you can never really go wrong with these guys. (Kneaded Pains)