Eternia "Final Offering" (ft. pHoenix Pagliacci) (video)

Eternia 'Final Offering' (ft. pHoenix Pagliacci) (video)
It's been a couple of years since we heard much from Eternia, but the Canadian rapper has evidently been listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar in her time away from the spotlight, since her latest single finds her dropping rhymes over the beat for Lamar's song "HiiiPoWeR."

"Final Offering" is a pHoenix Pagliacci-featuring cut that contains introspective rhymes with plenty of religious and spiritual overtones. A press release notes, "Unloading a hailstorm of questions pointed at herself, God, her family, her friends, and her very purpose, 'Final Offering' tackles the lows of life, a topic most people avoid with repression and distractions."

The accompanying video is a one-shot affair that shows Eternia walking through Toronto's streets alone before being joined by a posse of friends.

Check it out below, where you'll also find a download of "Final Offering."