Eternia "Scraps"

Eternia 'Scraps'
Canadian hip-hop artist Eternia was long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize for her 2010 Moss team-up At Last, and although she has yet to follow it up with a new album, she has shared some scraps in the form of the new song "Scraps."

The swirling, aqueous beat comes from Durazzo's song "Dark Roast," which provide the backdrop for Eternia's introspective, confessional rhymes.

She explained the song's genesis with the following statement: "I heard this beat playing while praying at City Lights in Toronto. I wrote the entire song the same night, and recorded it the following afternoon. That was a year ago. The hook has been playing over and over in my mind lately, even though I haven't been listening to the song at all. I thought I'd share it with y'all... perhaps it will speak to you too."

Stream the track below or pick it up as a free download.