Flea to FOX News: "They're All Welcome to Hate Us"

Flea to FOX News: 'They're All Welcome to Hate Us'
Photo: Chris Bubinas
FOX News has been calling iconic funksters Red Hot Chili Peppers the "worst band on the universe," but the once penis sock-swinging unit may surprisingly also be one of its most graceful. A recent interview with Flea had the bassist brushing off the doubled-down broadcast diss rather diplomatically, explaining "they're all welcome to hate us."

To back up a bit, The Five host Greg Gutfeld had fired shots at the Chilis earlier this month during a piece about Flea's recent bass lesson with Koko the gorilla. The host said the ape's string slapping was a significant step up from the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers, whom he called the "worst band on the planet." He later retracted the statement, explaining that he actually believed they were the "worst band on the universe."

Speaking with NME at the UK's Reading Festival, Flea was level-headed with his response, even if he added a bit of fire by roasting FOX's viewership.

"I remember seeing a poll recently that said people who watch FOX News regularly knew less about world affairs than people who watch no news at all," the bassist quipped, adding, "It's clearly a funny program."

More to the point, he added of the impact of Gutfeld's insult: "It's funny. I don't care. They're all welcome to hate us. God bless 'em."

Gutfeld caught wind of Flea's response, and told the rest of The Five that the bassist was, in fact, agreeing with his assessment. It's a bizarre flip of Flea's words, but perhaps one that could be expected.

Gutfeld said, "He said that he didn't mind. He said that it was great, he thought our show was funny, and it was okay to have your own opinion, and was very happy. I thought this was a really great example of how differences can be solved so easily by simply agreeing with me."

You'll find Gutfeld's continued contempt for all things funky down below.