Flo Milli's Confidence Is Infectious on Debut Mixtape 'Ho, why is you here ?'

Flo Milli's Confidence Is Infectious on Debut Mixtape 'Ho, why is you here ?'
On Flo Milli's new mixtape Ho, why is you here ?, the 20-year-old viral sensation spits out the cadence of a refined rapper met with the flow of the campy, young rising star she is. "Mood Everyday (Intro)" establishes the theme of the tape; she's a confident rapper with no shortage of haters trying to catch up to her talents. Her assertive delivery is met with a cult following screaming her lyrics back to her.

Milli's bold statements are most proudly heard on "Beef FloMix," a song about self-love with uplifting lines that would probably find their way onto Forever 21 T-shirt slogans if they weren't bankrupt. It's the first track containing her tagline, "Flo Milli shit, bitch," a simple intro that captures her self-assuredness in a way that hits likes caffeine.

Her personality is further conveyed by her pop culture preferences: "Send the Addy" starts off with the iconic "X-Games mode" Vine to downplay the tune's abrasiveness, while "May I" interpolates Snoop Dogg's "Gin & Juice." She also released a video for "Weak," which samples the SWV song of the same name and puts a spin on their sensual sound. "Not Friendly" plays with steel drums in a way that subverts the instrument's intrinsic positivity, achieving a dark aura on a song boasting her hard exterior. 

On Ho, why is you here ?, Flo Milli separates herself from the crowded field of young women who are transforming the alternative rap scene through her appeal — her valley girl flow occasionally sneaks in and her lyrics represent a strong sense of self-sufficiency and individuality. Her omnipresent fanbase from TikTok and Twitter work in concert with the boss bitch energy a Flo Milli song brings, generating plenty of hype for any listener. (RCA/Sony)