Flume Big Top Stage, Toronto Island ON, June 12

Flume Big Top Stage, Toronto Island ON, June 12
Photo: Rick Clifford

Flume was the perfect example of how you can draw a crowd with just as much hype as Flosstradamus, but back it up with skill and talent. His Bestival set was as beautiful as it was energetic, operating on the poignant side of electronic music that still had enough bass to rumble your chest. 

Just as talented a remixer as he is a producer of his own material, Flume managed to suck in anyone in the area with immediately recognizable tracks, while also pandering to the die-hards by playing songs from his back catalogue. His Bestival set ran through reworked gems, such as Lorde's "Tennis Court" and "You & Me" by UK duo Disclosure. He also delivered a great live rendition of "On Top," which majestically segued into the absolute highlight of the evening, "Holdin' On." 

All of this was backed up by Flume's stunning visual show, which complemented the music perfectly. The combination made for a superb performance, one that was enough to keep many a spirit high for the long and arduous journey back to the mainland.