Frances Bean Cobain Sparks Record Deal Rumours in RuPaul Interview

Frances Bean Cobain Sparks Record Deal Rumours in RuPaul Interview
In recent years, Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean Cobain has got in the habit of uploading snippets of original songs to her Instagram. And while she's often then ended up deleting them, rumours are now swirling about a possible record deal for Frances Bean, with a new interview with RuPaul stoking those rumours even further.

Cobain was recently on RuPaul's podcast, Spin points out, where the 26-year-old got very candid about loads of topics — from her parents Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, to her unusual upbringing, to her own search for identity and her disastrous marriage with ex-husband Isaiah Silva.

However, when asked about a possible record deal, Cobain got mysteriously silent, saying, "I can't speak of those things at the moment."

This vague non-committal reply follows a report from Irish publication Business Post, which reported last summer that Cobain had signed a two-album deal with Columbia. Despite that report, however, the news has never been confirmed by Cobain or the record label.

While talking with RuPaul, Cobain did open up about her musical style, though, saying her work is "like if PJ Harvey and Fiona Apple got into a fist fight that was broken up by Dolly Parton and Jeff Buckley is crying in a corner." 

Down below, you can listen to the entire podcast, and stay tuned for details.