FRANKIIE Forget Your Head

FRANKIIE Forget Your Head
On their debut LP, Forget Your Head, FRANKIIE try to define their place within the densely packed world of dreamy indie rock. While some of their songs begin by sounding similar to acts like Alvvays, their better tracks build in lush B-sections that shine through.
Opening track "Funny Feeling" falls a bit flat and generic. It has a psych-rock feel, but its relatively simple riffs and vocals make it seem somehow unenergetic. "Dream Reader" brings more to the table; the harmonies of its hook are tighter and it keeps a solid groove.
The album picks up after this: "Compare" contains an interesting spoken word passage; "Corner" adds in a solid shoegaze-y solo in its latter half; and "Glory Me" takes an interesting approach to mortality, almost like "Que Sera, Sera."
"Nowhere Days" is a standout: it is slower, uses a more organic-sounding piano than the keyboard found on the rest of the album and is a slow build. When FRANKIIE allow themselves to get away from basic pop structure, they create more interesting soundscapes. Listeners interested in seeing new, dreamy sounds develop should keep watch. (Paper Bag)