FRANKIIE Phillips Backyard Weekender, Victoria BC, July 22

FRANKIIE Phillips Backyard Weekender, Victoria BC, July 22
Photo: Lindsey Blane
Vancouver twinkle-rock quartet FRANKIIE apparently drove all night from a set in Tofino to make it to the second annual Picnic-er Stage at the Phillips Backyard Weekender. Along the way, drummer Zoe Fuhr, keyboardist Nashlyn Lloyd and lead guitar/vocalist Francesca Carbonneau somehow lost bassist Samantha Lankester, but tragedy was averted thanks to the tireless efforts of underrated fellow Vancouverite Jody Glenham.
After they performed "Powder" and "Painted Birds" from their 2015 EP, Girl of Infinity, as a bass-less trio, Glenham came out to fill in. Having only learned their tracks that morning, she worked her way through with cheat sheets of chord progressions at the bass and keyboard stations so admirably that few may have noticed she wasn't always in the band if they hadn't said anything.
While their impending debut full-length, produced by Jason Corbett of ACTORS, has been mentioned as being due out sometime in 2018, the absence of Lankester is somewhat worrying, given that they almost broke up in the time between Girl of Infinity and now. Hopefully, everything is cool because these women have something special. Their beautiful alt-folk harmonies and dream-rock arrangements already outdo wide swaths of Neko Case's impressive catalogue, and they're just getting started. It wasn't all diamonds, mind you, but there were enough pearls in this set to make you want a necklace.

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