Free Cake For Every Creature Talking Quietly of Anything With You

Free Cake For Every Creature Talking Quietly of Anything With You
Thanks to the portability of modern recording equipment and people's desire to be part of something intimate, bedroom pop is a bona fide trend in music right now. What happens in the bedroom can be shared with anyone who is willing to listen, including those extremely personal and vulnerable moments where you admit scary stuff to yourself and the person you love.
Like their Double Double Whammy label mates and bedroom-pop stars Eskimeaux and Frankie Cosmos, the music of Philadelphia band Free Cake For Every Creature runs on unfiltered emotions and observations and catchy pop melodies. But unlike the emotional wallop the previously mentioned DIY indie bands often provide, Free Cake For Every Creature generally fail to provide the warmth and intimacy that are so vital to bedroom-pop acts.
Talking Quietly of Anything With You isn't without its highlights. Frontwoman Katie Bennett's husky, whisper-like vocals are perfect on the title track as she transitions from mourning youth to celebrating adulthood, while "For You," a bright full-band track with additional vocals from Colin Manjoney, is a delicious expression of love, highlighted by the line, "You are the brownie to my TV dinner, but I don't wanna save you for later."
Unfortunately, it's bogged down throughout. "Chubby Cows," with its bizarre final verse "I'm 22 years old, drawing chubby cows in my journal," is the weakest track on the album, and misses its mark of capturing how devastating it is to realize you're an adult. "So Much Strange To Give," meanwhile, tries to be a celebration of friends but is too verbose, and comes across as messy, but not in a charming way.
In all, Talking Quietly of Anything With You doesn't shine as bright as so many of the other bedroom-pop albums out there, but the great songs here are sweet enough to come back for seconds. (Double Double Whammy)