Giuliano Sorgini's Lost Italian Library Treasure 'Lavoro E Tempo Libero' Unearthed by Sonor

Giuliano Sorgini's Lost Italian Library Treasure 'Lavoro E Tempo Libero' Unearthed by Sonor
After closing out 2018 with a trio of stellar reissues, Sonor Music Editions is picking things back up again for two new releases. This includes Lavoro E Tempo Libero — a long-lost Italian library holy grail by Zoo Folle/Under Pompelmo hero Giuliano Sorgini.

To call Lavoro E Tempo Libero rare would be an understatement. Check out a site like Discogs, and you will find a "Never" sales history, and yet a big number of "Wants."

The album by Sorgini (a.k.a. Alessandro Alessandroni collaborator Raskovich) was originally released only as a promo back in 1980 via the Goldfinger label and used as a score to various documentaries for Italian Rai TV.

As Sonor explains, Lavoro E Tempo Libero stands apart from some of Sorgini's better-know works, but delivers "an insane set of dark funk bangers filled with drum breaks and beats / different refined moods with soothing airs and loungy suites / exquisite flute notes by Nino Rapicavoli / sharp guitars and sleazy basslines."

For a taste of that, you can stream a sampler of the album down below. Also, you can check out the stunning new artwork for the release up above.

In addition to the Sorgini release, Sonor will also dig up another lost Italian library effort, Sonorita' Nel Lavoro by Nello Ciangherotti & Silvano Chimenti. Originally released in 1971 via Globe Records, the album unloaded "a top-notch set of sleazy psych, dope progressive riffs and experimental rock," according to Sonor.

The label adds, "Stunning edgy vibes with loads of handmade sonorities that recall sounds of industry, mechanical instruments and smoking chimneys for a dope psychedelic winner."

You can stream all of Sonorita' Nel Lavoro at the bottom of the page.

Pre-orders are now live for both releases over here. Both will arrive on 180-gram black wax, with Sonorita' Nel Lavoro limited to just 300 copies, while Lavoro E Tempo Libero is limited to 500 copies. Both are expected out on or around April 15.