Hudson Mohawke Treats 'Hudson's Heeters' to Vinyl Release

The early career collection landed on Myspace in 2006
Hudson Mohawke Treats 'Hudson's Heeters' to Vinyl Release
Continuing to mine his vaults for rare and unreleased material, Hudson Mohawke will now bring 2006 beat tape Hudson's Heeters to vinyl for the first time.

First released on Myspace in 2006, the 14-song Hudson's Heeters was formative in leading the Glaswegian producer to his current label homes, LuckyMe and Warp. The latter will release the newly remastered tape digitally and on vinyl April 9.

On Instagram, Mohawke shared of the Heeters artwork seen above, "The cover is a pic of my glorious old bedroom at my mums house, the original Healthfarm in Glasgow, complete w dirty dishes and a @subclub87 payslip on the floor heh."

He continued: "Formative place for me, the place I stumbled back to at 10am after every after party, the place I regularly got told to go n get a 'real job' heh, the place I connected with and became friends with a lot of my fave ppl in the world to this day"

You can listen to the original Hudson's Heeters in the player below, and can pre-order the vinyl edition here.

Last year saw Hudson Mohawke release compilations B.B.H.E.Poom Gems, Airborne Lard and EP Heart of the Night. He also teamed with Jimmy Edgar for single "Bent."

Hudson's Heeters:

1. Intro
2. You Got Money
3. Star Of A Story
4. Free Mo
5. Apple Cores
6. Oversized Pencil Break
7. No One Could Ever
8. Polkadot Blues
9. The Harvest
10. Are You Feeling Hot
11. Moogli
12. Waldo's Gift
13. Bottle Caps
14. Overnight